6 Monks Way, Lincoln, LN2 5LN

Advanced Diagnostics

With over 20 years trading as Lincoln's premier auto electrical specialists we pride ourselves in having the reputation of finding vehicle faults no one else can.

Over the years we have gathered a database of faults on vehicles from classic cars to modern day advanced cars.

We hold all the latest diagnostic equipment to rectify your faults with cost effective results.

Picoscope technology takes fault finding to the next level, with this diagnostic tool we can take the information we receive from the fault code reader and then scrutinize any vehicle sensor or actuator to make sure you don't get into the "swap part and guess cycle" nowadays we hear so many horror stories from people telling us they have been to 3 or 4 garages spending money in each and still getting nowhere.

As vehicle parts are getting so expensive we have a policy of repair where possible.  Engine ECU's can cost upwards of £1000 with this in mind we have a heatstation and programmer that allows us to remove circuit board components and rectify without the need for expensive replacements.

We offer a full recon service and test bench to bring starter motors and alternators to as new condition.

If the fault on your car relates to the wiring after finding the fault we can repair harness plugs and wiring looms to avoid costly replacements.

We hold a comprehensive stock of replacement parts, this includes batteries, bulbs, unit spares, wiring, terminals, alternators and starter motors.